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Bob Ebels and I just returned from a short but very worthwhile stay at Eagle College. Bob got to see firsthand the new construction of the school and how much work still needs to be completed by our finish date of August, 2013. We met with Pastor Ramon, the architect, and several other contractors to go over a work list of 14 items that we would like to be completed by the first of Nov. I ask you to pray for the safety of the workers and that the work list be completed so we can go to the next phase of the project, as the cartels are still in this city. Below is the list of work I am asking you to pray over. Thanks for your support.

Work List

Ron Brouwer
Building Director


Summer 2012 Newsletter



Our God is World Wide


A few months ago I received an email.  I didn't know the person or address and was hesitant to open it up. I thought Open or Delete, Open or Delete, reluctantly I opened it. It went like this," I love what you are doing in Mexico at Eagle College. I love the kids and the stories, I want to help, please tell me what I can do. PS- I have lots of ideas."

Well, the " I have lots of ideas" part got my attention so I shot an email back asking about the ideas. We exchanged many emails and I liked what I read. I wanted to know more about this person so I asked what is your name, where do you live , are you married, where do you work, how did you hear about Hope for Kids Mexico? This was the reply:

My name is Natalie, I am a 8th grade student, I live in Amman, Jordan. I am half Spanish and half Jordanian. I had to write a term paper on violence in the world and chose the Cartels in Mexico. Hope For Kids Mexico came up in a web search and I fell in love with what Eagle College is doing for the children. Natalie spoke to her middle school and other adult groups in her city and on April 11 had a bake goods sale and raised $160.00. She also had an ice cream sale at her school and raised $40.00.  She feels it's not enough and wants to tutor other students to raise additional funds. I can't help but think how much she has done and is willing to do for Eagle College with the resources she has and what little I have done with how much God has given me.

The children of Miguel Aleman live in fear every day. If we don't help bring Jesus to them they will be lost and at the ages of 12 to 14 they will be running drugs and at 16 they will be carrying a A-K-47 for one of the Cartels. The Bible says the world is a dark place and we are the light of the world.  Isn't it time we turn on the switch?


-Ron Brouwer




From Ron and Jane Brouwer


Ron and I just returned from an awesome month in Miguel Aleman working with Eagle College Elementary School. The school is thriving with children and the new building construction is moving along well. We were blessed to have a tremendous boost from WorldWide Christian Schools by sending us a "Hands Team" from DeMotte, Ind. They came with a team of 17 people who built the trusses and erected the entire roof in 12 working days!! It was amazing to see how God used these people and their talents. Before this could be done, all the underground plumbing and electrical, back fill and cement floor had to be finished. Volunteers came to help with this, but we give the glory to God for His perfect timing and putting the right people in our path.

The last day we spent in Mexico, we invited all the students, their parents, and teachers to come and visit the new school building. It was a joy to see the excitement on the faces of the children as they saw their new school for the first time. The parents were also enthused about helping and getting involved. Even though it will be at least another 18 months before the school opens, it is now a reality for them.  We are looking forward to returning in April with a team of workers from Victory Point Ministries.

-Ron and Jane Brouwer




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Summer 2011 Update

Summer 2011 Newsletter




Article from the Christian Reformed Church of North America


Teaching Students During a Drug War

November 16, 2010 – A group of West Michigan Christian Reformed Church congregations, along with support from Holland Christian Schools and others, has built relationships and helped construct Eagle College, a school in a church in Miguel Aleman, a small Mexican city now being torn apart by fighting between rival drug cartels. The city of about 25,000 people sits just across the border from Roma, Texas.

Despite murders and constant gun battles in the streets, Hope for Kids Mexico—the ministry that oversees the project—continues construction, mostly with indigenous labor, on a building outside of town that supporters hope will house 440 students in a pre-k through high school facility.

"We have had to slow down our work on the new building because of all of the violence occurring down there right now," says Ron Brouwer, a contractor and member of Victory Point CRC in Holland, Mich., who has been spearheading this project along with his wife, Jane Brouwer.

Although there is violence in Miguel Aleman, The Wall Street Journal reported last week that dozens of families fleeing drug cartel violence in the town of Ciudad Mier, about eight miles away, have taken up refuge in a local Lions Club building in Miguel Aleman. "They were joined by residents from a second town called Guerrero who appear to have also been threatened," said the newspaper.

Almost every weekend the Brouwers visit CRC congregations telling the story of the troubles in the town and of the school and what it has meant to people. The last time Ron Brouwer and his wife, Jane, were down there, a drug gang burst into a nearby police station and killed the police chief. "When that happened, it became even more important for us to be involved with the school," says Jane Brouwer.

Holland Christian High School, which is part of Christian Schools International, a ministry approved for funding by the CRC, has forged a sister school relationship with the school in Mexico, and teachers have been down there to help cement the relationship. Teachers and administrators from the school in Mexico have also visited West Michigan.

"We see ourselves as an alternative to the drug gangs," says Ron Brouwer, who has been in Miguel Aleman many times and has seen first-hand the gun battles and carnage occurring in the town. "We want to teach young people about Christ and provide a good education in order that they can build a life for themselves apart from the cartels."

Having been working on this project for more than six years, the Brouwers are finding they need to increase their base of support, reaching out for partners and support to help them achieve the vision of "Building Generations of Excellence" in the violence-torn town. There are other schools, but not necessarily with a Christian focus.

"We're hoping that, through the school, God will supply the city the next mayor, police officer, pastor, teacher," says Jane Brouwer. "Already we have seen many changes happen and lives transformed."

Jane Brouwer mentioned a young student, whose father was killed by a cartel, who gave his testimony to fellow students and emphasized that his father told him before he was murdered that he wanted him to continue in the school and continue to learn of Christ.

"We believe this school gives these kids hope and a chance and a choice to make changes," she says. "We also believe that what we do is all about building relationships with the people of Miguel Aleman. This is a joint project between us and the people who live there."

The Brouwers first visited Miguel Aleman about six years ago when they were in the area on a short-term mission trip. They ended up meeting with the two pastors at the largest Protestant church in town and learned that for 22 years, Pastors David Martinez and Ramon Solis had been "leading people to Jesus Christ" and dreaming of one day opening a Christian school that would also teach English as second language.

Inspired by the vision of the pastors, and yet novices in this type of mission work, the Brouwers began to talk to members of their church and other churches about the Mexican city and the dream of the long-time pastors. In relatively short fashion, they raised enough support to help fund and joined with Mexican workers in building six rooms in the church to use as a school. A Calvin College graduate joined with teachers from the area to initiate education at the school.

Consuelo Silva, principal of the school, has spoken to child after child who tells her how much they appreciate the school and how they hope and pray it can improve their lives and perhaps, through prayers offered at the school and with the help of Christ, provide safety to their families.

"Eagle College has given us the task of praying for the students and their families," she says. "We have been calling to say hello and to tell them that we are praying for all families and our city. We have had very positive responses and we can see little by little what God is doing."

Valeria, a sixth grader, says she loves the school. "For me it is a great blessing to be in here, especially at this time that has been so hard. I think is a testimony to all those who do not know God (that they) can come and seek him."

Perla Cecilia, a fourth grader, came off the streets and was among the first students. She not only attends the school, but has become active in the church, coming to every service and prayer meeting.

"We thank God for what he has called us to do. We believe that God wants us to focus especially on kids, because through them Jesus can get into their homes and we have seen it," says Pastor Ramon Solis.

"Eagle College is an institution that was created to accomplish that mission…God wants this generation, that is preparing (academically, physically and spiritually), to be a generation that will be part of the change and transformation that God wants for this world."

Although the drug war has slowed progress on the construction of a new school, there are organizations waiting to help out when they are able.

Steve Geurink, an official with Worldwide Christian Schools, says his organization has been monitoring the progress of Eagle College and are in support of the project. They have done a number of things, including sending a consultant down to the school to help with the program. Worldwide Christian Schools is another organization that the CRC has recommended for support.

"We will probably send work teams down there once the situation becomes more safe," he said. "We have been trying to help them as we can."

—Chris Meehan, CRC Communications




Construction on the new school is moving right along! The first floor and walls are completed and the second floor is under way. Local workers from the church and the school have been hired to help with the project .



Fall 2010 Newsletter




Hello everyone. 
I write to give you an information that appear in the official newspaper of the Education Department of the State of Tamaulipas. And because of this publication, the local newspaper published a congratulation for Eagle College for winning the 30 place out of 2456 school in the whole state, we were the best of all the schools of Miguel Aleman, the next after us is in the 110 position and the next in the 380, it is a test that is presented each year to all primary level schools, so we are very happy and we want to inform you because you are part of this academic achievement.
Keep praying fo us and we ask you to let us know if there´s a teacher that will like to come and help us...
God bless you!
- Pastor Ramón Solís




Holland Christian Schools Connections Publication feature article on Eagle College.

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Email from Pastor Ramon Solis

Hello, God bless you

We thank God for what he has called us to do. We believe that God want us to focus especially in kids,   because through them Jesus can get into their homes and we have seen it.

Eagle College is an Institution, that was created to accomplish that mission, and every person that    participates it’s part of what God has establish. God wants that this generation that is preparing    (academically, physically and spiritually) will be a generation that will be part of the change and     transformation that God wants for this world.

So Eagle College is working each day to be excellent. We know that we have a lot of mistakes but with         God we will be able to overcome and correct them.

Proverbs 4:18 “But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day”.

12 years ago we start working with kids in a different way, God gave us the privilege (Belen´s church)             to be the first ones in this area (region) to work and implement a new way to work with kids, that we have been able to help other churches, so that they can do it too. And this has been extended in an amazing way.

Today, a lot of churches have a very special attention on their activities with kids. We believe that God            will let us establish schools in all this area. Camargo, Díaz Ordaz, Reynosa, Laredo, Cd. Mier, Guerrero,        Roma Texas, and the ones that God has not yet revealed to us.

The first step is to create a model school, that is the one here in Miguel Aleman and we are working for it.   (Eagle College)

When you see the vision you can notice is a big one, but our God is bigger. We appreciated and thank all the ones that are part of this dream and we know and believe that together we will achieve it.

I want to mention like a statistic facts that now in the year 2009 this city of Miguel Aleman has a population      of approximately of 30,000 people, 

of which I estimate that a 3% or 4% of them attend a Christian church. Therefore there is a very strong   spiritual fight and we need of your prayers to keep going.

Thanks for everything and God bless you abundantly.

- Pastor Ramón Solís





Letter from Ron and Jane Brouwer


Ron and I have just returned from another 2 month stint in Miguel Aleman where Ron did maintenance

and repairs at Eagle College and I taught 4th grade.  A large part of Ron's time was spent with the

pastors of the church in their final stages of land acquisition for the new school.  After many months of

searching, only to be disappointed, we believe that God has finally led us to a 5 acre piece of property

where the new Eagle College can be built.


This is such an exciting time for everyone.  A Christian school that would serve the city is a reality! Even

under the sub-standard conditions that we have now, God is working mightily and we see families being

introduced to Jesus.


In our 2 months there, many groups and individuals came to check out the site as a possibility for volunteer

groups.  Included in that were faculty members from Holland Christian Schools and a bunch of Hope College

students who spent their Spring Break in Miguel Aleman.  We enjoyed many life changing events with them.

They were an energized group with a heart for the Lord and a true love for others.


Now we are busy planning a wonderful event that will take place Tues., May 19, 6:30p.m. at City on a Hill

in Zeeland.  We have invited two pastors from the church in Miguel Aleman and five of the staff from the

school to come and share about the joys (and struggles) at Eagle College.  We will have a light Mexican

supper and hear from a live Mariachi Band.  You will be able to review several exhibits that you or your

church will find interesting.  You will also hear testimonials from several people who have been there,

including students from Hope College.


There is no RSVP required, but I am inviting YOU to drop in that night and enjoy hearing how God has

engaged a small group of folks from Western Michigan in His service.  This could be just what your church,

your family, or your organization is looking for.....a way to get involved either financially, through a Sunday School project, a sponsorship program, volunteering, etc..






From Jane Brouwer


There are a lot of exciting things happening at Eagle College Elementary School and I am
so thrilled to be even such a small part of God’s plan in Miguel Aleman.
Because of the website, we recently received a call from a young woman in California who
was very interested in teaching in Mexico. We had quite an extensive communication with
her, both via email and lengthy phone conversations.


She is 32 years old with a business degree, recently losing her job due to downsizing. She
went on to get her teaching certificate and feels God is directing her to teach in Mexico.
We encouraged a communication with her and Pastor Ramon and her excitement only
heightened! She has worked very hard to expedite the paper work and will begin her
teaching career at Eagle College on Nov. 21!! Please pray for Lori; we all feel that she is
a perfect fit for this position. Once again, God was so faithful and we trust that He will
be a blessing there.

The Board of Hope for Kids Mexico spent quite a bit of time with Pastor Ramon and his
assistant, Victor, when they came to Holland at the end of October. We met with several
groups in the area who are interested in helping with the structure, the organization, and
the construction of a new Eagle College. The school now has a student body of 140 and
is meeting in the church facility designed for 70.

Worldwide Christian Schools and Hope College are both very interested in the project
and are offering support and valuable input regarding the educational system there. Hope
College is sending a group of students to Miguel Aleman for a week in March to
experience the school and the culture. We are excited about the doors that are being opened

and the lives that are being touched in Mexico.

The building of the new school is becoming more of a reality and we are hopeful that soon
we will be able to purchase the land for the school. Eagle College is truly making a difference in the

lives of the children and their families. It is our prayer that this entire community will be changed through “generations of excellence”.




Letter from Jane Brouwer, currently serving in Miguel Aleman. Please keep her in your prayers and continue

to pray for financial support as funds have not yet been procured for the new facility and children are being

turned away from the school.


Dear Team,

    I wanted to get some info to you before your meeting. I arrived Thurs. am in 105 degrees.
One window air conditioner at Ramon’s house was not working and they could not get it
repaired for a while because of the $1500 monthly utilities bill at school. I gave them
$200.00 to get it repaired ASAP! We worked all day Friday at school getting things
ready for the first day on Monday. It rained all night Sunday and all day Monday. By the time the
kids were ready to go home, the gutters were overflowed and the streets flooded. The
sewer system is questionable, so you can imagine the rest!! We had to take off our shoes,
roll up our pants and carry the kids to their cars when the parents came to pick them up.
We also found out that a lot of the rooms have leaks in the ceilings! The final number
isn’t in yet, but Ramon thinks there are about 130 students. This includes 45 new.
students. Despite the rain, the first day really went quite well. There are a couple of
great, new Spanish teachers and one American teacher from Iowa. She has 2 years
experience and did a super job today. She is living at Ramon’s house too, and is my
roomy for 2 1/2 weeks. Ramon and Lefty literally work for the school /church from 7am
to at least 11pm everyday! They are unstoppable!
    We had 40+ kids at Sat. AM Neighborhood Breakfast. This week Sat., I’ll be doing
the Bible lesson and the craft. Friday night, I went out with Rumalda to the “colony” and
we did a Bible lesson there for 28 kids and 8 women. They want us to come every week,
so we are going out tomorrow night again and it’s my turn to do the lesson (with
    Once again, I am so blessed to be here and I cannot thank you all enough for your
support and the trust that you have placed in me this week. Words cannot describe how I
feel about being here (I miss my hubby!) and how awesome it is to be used in a small
way in the lives of these precious children. There is so much potential here and our God
is soooo big!!!

Blessings, Jane




Hope for Kids Mexico project featured in the Holland Sentinel. Click below to read the article.


Change the World




-Pastors David and Ramon visited West Michigan this past Thursday and had over 22 meetings in a span of

5 days with interested churches, businessmen, Hope College, and various individuals. God has opened

many doors and we praise Him for that! Donations are already coming in and we pray that you too will be

a part of changing lives in Miguel Aleman, Mexico.




-Enrollment is increasing for next year!

  • -Additional teachers are needed.

  • -Additional funds for the new school are needed.

  • -We are in the process of obtaining 8 acres for the new school.

  • -New building plans have been drawn and are available for viewing here.