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Miguel Aleman is a small city just across the border from Roma, TX, and is best known for drug trafficking and poverty. At the heart of that community are two pastors who have a common passion and commitment to bring hope to the children and families of their city.


For 22 years, Pastors David Martinez and Ramon Solis have been leading people to Jesus Christ and inviting them to join in transforming their community. Not only do they lead the largest protestant church in Miguel Aleman, but now they are also the driving force behind the only school in the city to focus on the Bible and on teaching English. Their prayer is to change their city by educating the children. 


Christians in Miguel Aleman, Mexico have been praying for 20 years--asking God for a way to provide a quality Christian education for the children of their city.  God is now answering those prayers through a partnership with a group of Christians from West Michigan.  Classes began on August 20, 2007 at Eagle College with 55 students from preschool through the sixth grade. There are now 165 energetic students attending this school, which meets in the crowded facilities of Iglesia Templo Belen (House of Bread Church).  Eagle College provides a quality Christian education that focuses on English and the Bible. The school is staffed by native teachers and teachers from the United States.

Eagle College Board Members


Pastor David Martinez
Pastor Ramon Solis
Sergio Trevino
Hipolito Flores

West Michigan Board Members


Ron Brouwer

Cal Dozeman

Matt Gritter

Dave Koppenaal

Jamie Lanser

Duane Tinholt

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