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Letter from Jane Brouwer

Letter from Jane Brouwer, currently serving in Miguel Aleman. Please keep her in your prayers and continue to pray for financial support as funds have not yet been procured for the new facility and children are being turned away from the school.

Dear Team,

I wanted to get some info to you before your meeting. I arrived Thurs. am in 105 degrees. One window air conditioner at Ramon’s house was not working and they could not get it repaired for a while because of the $1500 monthly utilities bill at school. I gave them $200.00 to get it repaired ASAP! We worked all day Friday at school getting things ready for the first day on Monday. It rained all night Sunday and all day Monday. By the time the kids were ready to go home, the gutters were overflowed and the streets flooded. The sewer system is questionable, so you can imagine the rest!! We had to take off our shoes, roll up our pants and carry the kids to their cars when the parents came to pick them up. We also found out that a lot of the rooms have leaks in the ceilings! The final number isn’t in yet, but Ramon thinks there are about 130 students. This includes 45 new. students. Despite the rain, the first day really went quite well. There are a couple of great, new Spanish teachers and one American teacher from Iowa. She has 2 years experience and did a super job today. She is living at Ramon’s house too, and is my roomy for 2 1/2 weeks. Ramon and Lefty literally work for the school /church from 7am to at least 11pm everyday! They are unstoppable!

We had 40+ kids at Sat. AM Neighborhood Breakfast. This week Sat., I’ll be doing the Bible lesson and the craft. Friday night, I went out with Rumalda to the “colony” and we did a Bible lesson there for 28 kids and 8 women. They want us to come every week, so we are going out tomorrow night again and it’s my turn to do the lesson (with interpreter!)

Once again, I am so blessed to be here and I cannot thank you all enough for your support and the trust that you have placed in me this week. Words cannot describe how I feel about being here (I miss my hubby!) and how awesome it is to be used in a small way in the lives of these precious children. There is so much potential here and our God is soooo big!!! Blessings, Jane

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