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Letter from Ron and Jane Brouwer

Ron and I have just returned from another 2 month stint in Miguel Aleman where Ron did maintenance and repairs at Eagle College and I taught 4th grade. A large part of Ron's time was spent with the pastors of the church in their final stages of land acquisition for the new school. After many months of searching, only to be disappointed, we believe that God has finally led us to a 5 acre piece of property where the new Eagle College can be built.

This is such an exciting time for everyone. A Christian school that would serve the city is a reality! Even under the sub-standard conditions that we have now, God is working mightily and we see families being introduced to Jesus.

In our 2 months there, many groups and individuals came to check out the site as a possibility for volunteer groups. Included in that were faculty members from Holland Christian Schools and a bunch of Hope College students who spent their Spring Break in Miguel Aleman. We enjoyed many life changing events with them. They were an energized group with a heart for the Lord and a true love for others.

Now we are busy planning a wonderful event that will take place Tues., May 19, 6:30p.m. at City on a Hill in Zeeland. We have invited two pastors from the church in Miguel Aleman and five of the staff from the school to come and share about the joys (and struggles) at Eagle College. We will have a light Mexican supper and hear from a live Mariachi Band. You will be able to review several exhibits that you or your church will find interesting. You will also hear testimonials from several people who have been there, including students from Hope College.

There is no RSVP required, but I am inviting YOU to drop in that night and enjoy hearing how God has engaged a small group of folks from Western Michigan in His service. This could be just what your church, your family, or your organization is looking for.....a way to get involved either financially, through a Sunday School project, a sponsorship program, volunteering, etc..

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