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Email from Pastor Ramon Solis

Hello, God bless you

We thank God for what he has called us to do. We believe that God want us to focus especially in kids, because through them Jesus can get into their homes and we have seen it.

Eagle College is an Institution, that was created to accomplish that mission, and every person that participates it’s part of what God has establish. God wants that this generation that is preparing (academically, physically and spiritually) will be a generation that will be part of the change and transformation that God wants for this world. So Eagle College is working each day to be excellent. We know that we have a lot of mistakes but with God we will be able to overcome and correct them.

Proverbs 4:18 “But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day”. 12 years ago we start working with kids in a different way, God gave us the privilege (Belen´s church) to be the first ones in this area (region) to work and implement a new way to work with kids, that we have been able to help other churches, so that they can do it too. And this has been extended in an amazing way. Today, a lot of churches have a very special attention on their activities with kids. We believe that God will let us establish schools in all this area. Camargo, Díaz Ordaz, Reynosa, Laredo, Cd. Mier, Guerrero, Roma Texas, and the ones that God has not yet revealed to us. The first step is to create a model school, that is the one here in Miguel Aleman and we are working for it. (Eagle College) When you see the vision you can notice is a big one, but our God is bigger. We appreciated and thank all the ones that are part of this dream and we know and believe that together we will achieve it. I want to mention like a statistic facts that now in the year 2009 this city of Miguel Aleman has a population of approximately of 30,000 people, of which I estimate that a 3% or 4% of them attend a Christian church. Therefore there is a very strong spiritual fight and we need of your prayers to keep going.

Thanks for everything and God bless you abundantly.

- Pastor Ramón Solís

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