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From Ron and Jane Brouwer

Ron and I just returned from an awesome month in Miguel Aleman working with Eagle College Elementary School. The school is thriving with children and the new building construction is moving along well. We were blessed to have a tremendous boost from WorldWide Christian Schools by sending us a "Hands Team" from DeMotte, Ind. They came with a team of 17 people who built the trusses and erected the entire roof in 12 working days!! It was amazing to see how God used these people and their talents. Before this could be done, all the underground plumbing and electrical, back fill and cement floor had to be finished. Volunteers came to help with this, but we give the glory to God for His perfect timing and putting the right people in our path.

The last day we spent in Mexico, we invited all the students, their parents, and teachers to come and visit the new school building. It was a joy to see the excitement on the faces of the children as they saw their new school for the first time. The parents were also enthused about helping and getting involved. Even though it will be at least another 18 months before the school opens, it is now a reality for them. We are looking forward to returning in April with a team of workers from Victory Point Ministries.

-Ron and Jane Brouwer

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