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Our God is World Wide

A few months ago I received an email. I didn't know the person or address and was hesitant to open it up. I thought Open or Delete, Open or Delete, reluctantly I opened it. It went like this," I love what you are doing in Mexico at Eagle College. I love the kids and the stories, I want to help, please tell me what I can do. PS- I have lots of ideas."

Well, the " I have lots of ideas" part got my attention so I shot an email back asking about the ideas. We exchanged many emails and I liked what I read. I wanted to know more about this person so I asked what is your name, where do you live , are you married, where do you work, how did you hear about Hope for Kids Mexico? This was the reply: My name is Natalie, I am a 8th grade student, I live in Amman, Jordan. I am half Spanish and half Jordanian. I had to write a term paper on violence in the world and chose the Cartels in Mexico. Hope For Kids Mexico came up in a web search and I fell in love with what Eagle College is doing for the children. Natalie spoke to her middle school and other adult groups in her city and on April 11 had a bake goods sale and raised $160.00. She also had an ice cream sale at her school and raised $40.00. She feels it's not enough and wants to tutor other students to raise additional funds. I can't help but think how much she has done and is willing to do for Eagle College with the resources she has and what little I have done with how much God has given me.

The children of Miguel Aleman live in fear every day. If we don't help bring Jesus to them they will be lost and at the ages of 12 to 14 they will be running drugs and at 16 they will be carrying a A-K-47 for one of the Cartels. The Bible says the world is a dark place and we are the light of the world. Isn't it time we turn on the switch?

-Ron Brouwer

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