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Bob Ebels and I just returned from a short but very worthwhile stay at Eagle College. Bob got to see firsthand the new construction of the school and how much work still needs to be completed by our finish date of August, 2013. We met with Pastor Ramon, the architect, and several other contractors to go over a work list of 14 items that we would like to be completed by the first of Nov. I ask you to pray for the safety of the workers and that the work list be completed so we can go to the next phase of the project, as the cartels are still in this city. Below is the list of work I am asking you to pray over. Thanks for your support.

Ron Brouwer Building Director

Complete by Nov. 1, 2012

1) Fence around (2) play ground areas ( by others) 2) Entry gate ( by others) 3) Two sets of stairs ( by others) 4) Blocks on second level ( by Condi ) 5) Fresh water tank & tile in tank ( by Condi ) 6) Septic tank system (3-tanks ) ( by Condi ) 7) Block wall between play ground and parking ( by Condi ) 8) Cement pad ( 1 = 36'x36' ) - ( 1= 50'x60' ) ( by others) 9) Transformer tower build and set ( by others) 10) Fit all Doors and windows ( by Condi ) 11) Bars on windows ( by others ) 12) Tile floor & walls on bathrooms ( by Condi ) 13) Tile kitchen floor ( by Condi ) 14) Driveway & parking lot ( by others )

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